Foundation Sales Skills

Sell to the Collective

Engaging with decision makers who are not in the room is a key skill of modern business development

20 Seconds of Magic

How getting the first twenty seconds of a business conversation right paves the way to success

Deal with Fear

Learn how simple routines reduce pressure and drive sales performance

9 Hidden Questions

Learn how seeing the situation from your customer’s perspective drives engagement and conversion

Quick Sales Quadrants

Leverage a simple approach to developing effective customer prospects by qualifying their capability and intent


Use this advanced framework to increase your business development success rate by addressing customer concerns


Learn how the earliest sales framework provides the foundation for inspiring pitches that drive business growth


Leverage this established framework to learn effective conversational techniques that drive revenue opportunities

eLearning Platforms

Acquire new skills and capabilities anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Live Workshops

Leverage formal instruction, social activation and group challenges

Headline Events

Engage a community, inspire a movement, lead the industry