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Mutiny eLearning Platforms

Asia's most advanced online sales and marketing educational system

Built on leading technology that services millions of users every month, the Mutiny eLearning Platform leverages a robust state-of-the-art Learning Management System alongside best-in-class blended learning experiences.

Access anytime, anyplace and anywhere

Tailored specifically for the diverse communications environment of Asia Pacific, the Mutiny eLearning Platform offers a combination of browser and on-request mobile app solutions.

The means, opportunity and incentive to excel in any business environment

Leveraging the Mutiny 70:20:10 system for skills development, the Mutiny eLearning Platform supports a broad range of multimedia formats, alongside social discussion prompts, activity worksheets, quizzes and validated certification.







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Empowering Skills and Capability Development

Our customer-centric approach guarantees a user experience that delivers the engaging, inspiring and intuitive navigation that enhances learner progression and accelerates the learning process.

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Home Page

A fully customizable home page illustrating commercial incentives and learning opportunities ensures that learners are hooked from the start.

Course Selection

A graphical user interface allows users to both understand and anticipate the learning experience with simple click-to-access navigation.

Episode Selection

Dedicated course pages highlight popular episodes to allow learners instant access to the key insights and frameworks that optimize outcomes.

Episode Navigation

Episode viewing pages offer optional structured navigation so learners know how they are progressing and can hop to the right content on-demand.

Quizzes and Examinations

Alongside social discussion prompts and activity worksheets, quizzes and examinations give user the chance to put new found knowledge to the test.

Validated Certification

Success in quizzes and examinations delivers shareable online certificates that can be validated through the online portal to provide verification.

Efficient and Effective Learner Management

The Mutiny eLearning Platform provides administrators with a comprehensive suite of services that allow for complete management of the educational experience. It ensures that owners can control and validate learner progress and can contribute with assurance to an employee progression plan.

Learner Management

Learner management ensures that administrators and oversee both self-enrollment and batch-enrollment and keep up-to-speed on individual progress.

Course Performance

Course performance metrics ensure that administrators know what works for their learners and what can be improved, offering a road map for development.

Revenue Management

Revenue management provides an easy source of critical information to support employee contributions to self improvement and career advancement.