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About Workshops with Mutiny

At Mutiny we focus on one core objective: getting exceptional talent up to speed instantly with the knowledge and skills they need to execute their business goals.

We specialise in transferring tacit knowledge - the capability stored in the best talent that your company and the industry have to offer - into explicit knowledge - the information and frameworks that allow others to perform at their best.

We deliver on four core competencies:

  • Detailed subject matter research and insights
  • Interpreting and codifying learning frameworks
  • Engaging and inspiring presentation and demonstration of core principles
  • Immersive activities and challenges to embed knowledge and drive capability

We stand out for our acumen in the commercial application of business and marketing skills to drive business growth.

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About The Fast Track Series

The Fast Track curriculum was designed in partnership with the industry to provide an all-inclusive overview of modern commercial techniques for individuals and companies looking to actively develop their business proposition.

Fast Track workshops deliver simple approaches that allow workshop attendees and online delegates to develop business strategies, and understand the interplay of talent, suppliers, production, value chains and solutions that drive commercial success.

The workshops, online platforms and content provide a clear learning framework along with participation and activities that demonstrate how companies can leverage modern techniques to:

  • Develop effective products and services
  • Improve performance
  • Acquire, retain and convert customers
  • Identify appropriate technologies to facilitate their objectives
  • Leverage the metrics that define their performance
Our Credentials

As the Third Space Academy, Mutiny Consulting has been delivering training and development in business and marketing for South East Asia since 2008.

In that time, under the banner of ‘The Digital Marketing Framework Series’ in association with the Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (4As) and MediaCorp’s Media Academy, Mutiny has trained over 1,000 regional Asian professionals over hundreds of courses ranging from half days to full ten-day orientation workshops.

In addition, in partnership with Singapore’s Media Development Authority, Mutiny successfully ran the ‘Creator Collective’, a series of 8 days workshops alongside digital platforms that helped to source and inspire Singapore’s next generation of digital creative talent.

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