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Headline Events from Mutiny

Mutiny Headline Events are committed to addressing the needs of the marketing industry by meeting the professional objectives of key stakeholders including hosts, sponsors, speakers and delegates in a high energy environment that delivers world class commercial outcomes for all.

Creating Effective Event Environments

Whether you are engaging a community, inspiring a movement, or looking to get up-to-speed with the latest and greatest in the industry, the 70 | 20 | 10 Mutiny framework ensures a stimulating blend of presentations, case studies, tutorials and challenges that deliver an exceptional learning experience.


The Creator Collective

Launched in association with Brand New Media and the Singapore Government's IMDA, the Creator Collective delivered 4 days of intensive presentations, tutorials, case studies and challenges that engaged both industry professionals and independent practitioners in the principles of commerce and creativity.

Series One

Taking place at Singapore's Working Capitol, Series One brought together the entire value chain of brand communications for a marketing masterclass.

Series Two

Transferring to the IMDA's Pixel Hub, Series Two capitalized on a purpose built multi-studio venue to deliver commercial challenges against live customer briefs.

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A Comprehensive Outreach Strategy

Headline Events from Mutiny leverage original content and interviews addressing specific industry needs to reach out, engage and convert potential delegates from across the region that stand to gain the most from event attendance.

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Reach out to strategic planners seeking to expand their knowledge of commerce


Reach out to operations teams with the latest frameworks and technologies


Reach out to creative teams with the expertise that brings their ideas to life


Reach out to dedicated commercial teams with ROI platforms and strategy

Engaging World Class Speakers

The Mutiny Collective leverages an extensive network of industry professionals from across the marketing spectrum to deliver a learning portfolio that reaches out to every industry discipline. It offers the best possible insights and opportunities to marketing practitioners.

Strong speaker briefs, detailed case studies, a structured program and tailored content ensure that delegates take advantage of market leading knowledge. It ensures the simple and swift application of new skills to current business challenges to maximize commercial outcomes.

Check out the samples below...

Pete Mitchell

Learn how marketing strategy is derived from deep customer insights and solving needs

Matt Sutton

See how the media industry ecosystem works to deliver efficient audience outreach

Sebastien Lepez

Discover how brands identify and brief creative and communications objectives

Andrew Spalding

Leverage an understanding of ecommerce and retail to turn engagement into profit