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Introducing FLOW 5X5 from Mutiny

FLOW 5X5 is the Mutiny Collective's dedicated digital transformation framework.

It capitalizes on proven communications models to target the right person, at the right time, in the right place, with the right message. It does this 24 hours a day at a scale to fit your business.

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Harness the Power of First Party Data

FLOW 5X5 is based on a first party data strategy that capitalizes on secure customer relationships to lower media costs, boost profits and drive growth.

It offers future proofing against a changing regulatory environment whilst meeting the privacy requirements of modern audiences.

Strengthen Relationships

Customized communications maintain awareness and build trust

Boost Engagement

Relevant content increases dialogue and addresses concerns

Drive Conversions

Tailored and timely offers and incentives boost customer response

Increase Lifetime Value

High awareness and trust drive purchase frequency and volume

The FLOW 5X5 Framework

The Mutiny Collective leverage decades of expertise and insight from world famous global brands to deliver a modular framework that builds from small scale use cases to deliver revenue growth in line with global business expectations.

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    Build a technology stack to collect online and offline customer engagement data

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    Develop value propositions to connect data to programs and services

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    Build and maintain effective customer relationships with targeted communications

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    Target specific audiences with customized offers and incentives

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    Develop online and offline conversions with paid models and dedicated offers