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INTRODUCING 70 | 20 | 10

Live Workshops from Mutiny

Mutiny 70 | 20 | 10 is a world class learning development system that leverages blended learning techniques including formal instruction, social activation and group challenges to ensure the best possible outcomes for both industry talent and the businesses that employ them.

Established Sector Practitioners Leveraging Decades of Experience

The Mutiny Collective maintains a huge range of diverse talent from across the regional and global industry to ensure that the frameworks we practice and present in live workshops have been stress tested in real life environments with blue chip brands.

Industry Partnerships

Content for Mutiny workshops has been tried and tested in association with leading regional industry bodies including the IAB South East Asia, the 4As and the Singapore Government's IMDA.




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Standard Workshops


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Mutiny 70 | 20 | 10

The Mutiny 70 | 20 | 10 framework capitalizes on world class practices from the Center for Creative Leadership that incorporate formal structured learning, social engagement and practical business activities to maximize the output and effectiveness of the entire learning process.

Structured Training

Leveraging online platforms and live instruction, we establish the foundation knowledge supporting best practice

Social Activation

Live social activities challenge the principles behind established best practice and modify it for internal use 

Group Challenges

Practical exercises put best practice into use for existing business situations and ensure effective, workable solutions

The Mutiny ADDIE Framework

The Mutiny ADDIE learning development model leverages global standards in instructional design that meet with the needs of the overall business, key stakeholders both internally and externally, and ensures the highest quality of returns both for the learners and the business itself.

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    Identifying problems and learning goals, stakeholder needs and training requirements

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    Setting learning objectives, gaining alignment, mapping evaluation and setting strategy

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    Determining media and methods, technology, and creating learning product

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    Creating the right environment, training delivery, participation and formal evaluation

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    Learner and stakeholder feedback, integration with business activities and optimization.