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Mutiny Talent Development

With over 10 years in development, the Mutiny Talent Development Program offers a comprehensive suite of learning assets, tools and platforms that meet the demands of ambitious companies looking to get the best from top talent.

With business growth as a primary goal, we focus on developing core skills and capability in business strategy, marketing communications, digital transformation and business development.

Industry Partnerships

The Mutiny 70|20|10 Talent Development Framework comprises hundreds of hours of tried and tested frameworks and best practice designed by leading practitioners and developed in partnership with regional and global industry organizations.

They include the IAB South East Asia, the 4As and the Singapore Government's  IMDA


From Zero to Hero

eLearning Platforms

eLearning Platforms

Acquire new skills and capabilities anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Live Workshops

Live Workshops

Leverage formal instruction, social activation and group challenges

Headline Events

Headline Events

Engage a community, inspire a movement, lead the industry

Leverage the Value of Blended Learning

The Mutiny Talent Development Programme ensures that practitioners find the right balance between shared innovation, personal study, practical exercises and guidance from the best the industry has to offer.

Brown Bag Brainstorms

Short intensive shared sessions introducing key principles and best practice

Online Deep Learning

A curated library of online tutorials, case studies and tests in a structured curriculum

Live Workshops

Full day sessions overcoming real business challenges in a group environment

Expert Seminars

Dedicated opportunities to put key questions in front of leading business experts

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A Comprehensive Approach

Mutiny Consulting offers a 5 stage talent development strategy that maps operational teams against talent requirements. It delivers a sustainable roadmap to establish and nurture the competencies across the entire company that are the foundations for future success.

  • Business Orientation

    Using blended learning techniques including formal presentations, lunchtime working sessions and e-learning, Mutiny develop a standardized induction to help new and returning employees understand the business vision, mission and processes.

  • Foundation Knowledge

    Leveraging short form video content averaging 5m - 7m in length and a world class Learning Management System, Mutiny helps talent throughout the business acquire the insights and key skills that engage and convert customers and drive business growth.

  • Applied Knowledge

    Sourcing both internal and external subject matter experts for both live workshops and online seminars, Mutiny develops long term strategies that keep talent motivated and ensure they are finding effective, efficient solutions to real world business problems.

  • Ingenious Thinking

    Regular competitive challenges encourage talent across the company to form close working relationships and collaborate to maintain a creative edge and drive business innovation.

  • Business Integration

    Mentored seminars in a hothouse environment help middle and senior management teams maintain their business focus, prioritize activities and manage internal change to deliver the ongoing business transformation that keeps a company one step ahead of the opposition.


Ongoing Review of Capability

Mutiny leverages online questionnaires, quizzes and examinations that assess internal capability throughout the talent development process.

We make broad use of agreed benchmarks and performance scorecards to give senior management complete transparency on the progress of their teams.