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Drive Business Growth with the Sales Fast Track

Whether you're a business development executive looking to build your brand, an agency executive looking to win clients or an entrepreneur looking to attract investors, great sales skills are the most important part of your tool set!

This workshop has one specific goal - to allow you to identify, win and maintain business growth with world class clients.

Why Attend

If you're anything like us you'll be staring at your targets and wondering what on earth you have to do to earn that bonus.

We've been there before and we designed the perfect kickstarter.

The Sales Fast Track is a blended learning framework to ensure you have the best possible platform for success:

  • 2 Days of live workshops - to learn the skills and put them into practice
  • 30 short form videos - to allow your teams to access the content again and again to see how they're performing against their goals

We know that the biggest priority in business after generating great ideas is to get customers in through the door.

Not only are customers the lifeblood of the company, but in the long term we will be building our products and services around them, and we cannot do that if we are not talking!

This series is about giving you the skills and knowledge to make that happen.

Combining formal lectures covering concepts and frameworks and real world activities that allow delegates to put new ideas into practice, we aim to deliver delegates all the benefits of real-time coaching.

We teach delegates about attitudes and approaches, targets and priorities, customers and their motivation.

We teach delegates simple ideas that will help them present ideas well, discuss and overcome challenges, negotiate great deals and service, service, service.

But more than anything, we will teach delegates how to have the confidence of their convictions, and the actions to match their words.

Build on Recognised Frameworks

The Sales Fast Track aggregates all the best insights and ideas from the sales industry over the last 150 years.

Leveraging 12 year's regional business experience, it is specifically tailored to the Asian environment.

It offers all the key skills in the marketing and sales industry, so the Sales Fast Track is a great place to get started.

Workshop Details
Course Length 1 or 2 days
Time 9am to 5pm
Dates Available on request
Class Size Maximum 20 persons
Further Information

Whether you're a business development executive looking to build your brand, an agency executive looking to win clients or an entrepreneur looking to attract investors, great pitching skills are the most important part of your tool set!

This course is targeted at anyone who needs to organise a sales strategy, identify target clients, pitch, persuade, handle objections and close a deal.

This workshop involves four key components:

  • Introduction and goal setting
  • Core concepts and execution frameworks
  • Activities and challenges
  • Recap and next steps

The framework encompasses the SECI knowledge model with a view to translating organised and integrated business approaches into internalised knowledge and practical application. Details of our training approach can be found on our workshop page on this link.

The Sales Fast Track is both a great foundation for business development talent who are fresh to the sales environment, but also an inspiring refresher for those more experienced executives looking for new and effective approaches.

It delivers over a series of workshop challenges, leveraging a timeless framework, and motivating talent to seek their own answers to their unique challenges.

It incorporates:

  • Attitudes and Approaches - Establishing benchmarks for approaching your sales activity.
  • Target Setting - Creating SMART objectives for everyday business
  • Customer Canvassing - How to identify and prioritise sales opportunities
  • First Steps - How to break the ice with new customers and instigate long lasting and productive relationships
  • Effective Sales Techniques - An assessment of tried and tested solutions like DIPADA, AIDA and SPIN and hands on exercises in making them work for you.

For business development talent familiar and comfortable with foundation sales approaches, the Advanced Techniques workshop uses a series of hands on challenges to improve the effectiveness of customer interactions and drive revenue growth.

The workshop includes:

  • Objection Handling - learning how to listen to customer concerns and adjust the proposition and solution to meet those needs
  • Negotiation - understanding how to balance customer requirements with company goals to create the win-win environments that are most likely to deliver sales success
  • Conversion - learn how to recognise buying signals and create incentives for action
  • Management - Create long term frameworks for customer interaction that manage expectations and improve opportunities for customer retention and growth
  • Develop a 'Formula for Success' that underpins all sales activity, and ensures that talent can maximise their productivity and revenue generating capability 24/7
Long Term Development



The Mutiny E-Learning Video Portfolio

Mutiny provide a complete suite of 30 short form online videos to support this workshop. They comprise all of the key components of the course in easy to consume bite size pieces.

They ensure both you or your team will have a constant source of reference as you develop long term skills and capability.

Workshop Fees and Payment Options
Payment Direct invoicing with secure online credit card or PayPal payments
Includes Venue (only for public events), speaker fee and online access as appropriate
Courseware Bring all you need - a pen and paper or your own device
One Day Fee US$399 per person
Two Day Fee US$699 per person
Group Discounts 20% off for groups of 5 or more
Contact No. +65 9853 0051
Contact email nick@mutiny.asia
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