Platforms and Publishing Fast Track
Drive Commercial Growth with World Class Customer Platforms

As the customer journey of modern consumers migrates rapidly to digital platforms, an engaging, efficient, inspiring and empowering web presence becomes the cornerstone of commercial success.

More than simply online brochures, high quality platforms for consumer engagement are frequently the ultimate destination for potential customers. They underpin the entire marketing infrastructure, delivering authenticity and credibility in a 24/7 environment, offering customer convenience and a direct route to sales. Great digital platforms deliver directly to company bottom line revenue.

This critiical role takes oversight and development out of the hands of software engineers to a front and centre role in business planning.

The Mutiny Platforms and Publishing Fast Track reaches out directly to marketing decison makers, equipping them with the skills and insight to determine strategy and ensure the best possible results for the organisation.

Why Attend

The Mutiny Platforms and Publishing Fast Track is designed to equip marketers who traditionally work outside the design and software development environment with the skills to establish strategy and oversee effective platform delivery. It is not designed to teach coding or technical skills to software engineers.

Marketing practitioners will acquire skills in:

  • Establishing human the skills and human resource infrastructure to deliver the right results
  • Understanding the hosting environment and how critical decisions early on will influence long term outcomes
  • Addressing usability, accessibility and localisation issues
  • Creating appropriate site architecture and design rules
  • Leveraging user experience to manage better customer outcomes
  • Utilising simple frameworks to optimise for search marketing performance

Delegates will leave with a simple dedicated framework to deliver maximum business results from Day One.

Build on Recognised Frameworks

The Mutiny Platforms and Publishing Fast Track builds on a wealth of experience across Mutiny from the early days of web design through to market leading platforms such as Yahoo! It covers an introduction to the technologies and basic design principles through to modern perspectives and thought leadership.

Recommended reading includes 'HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites' by Jon Duckett, 'Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach To Web Usability' by Steve Krug, 'Communicating Design: Developing Web Site Documentation For Design And Planning' by Dan M. Brown, 'Universal Principles Of Design, Revised And Updated' by William Lidwell, Kritina Holden & Jill Butler and 'Design For Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty' by David Kadavy

Workshop Details
Course Length 1 day
Time 9am to 5pm
Dates Available on request
Class Size Maximum 20 persons
Further Information

The workshop is designed to teach design and development fundamentals to marketing practitioners to enable strategy and oversight for web platform development projects. Most benefits will be derived by delegates that understand marketing fundamentals and are involved in the day to day planning of business and consumer facing digital projects. Roles include:

  • Marketing Directors
  • Brand strategists
  • Media planners
  • Graphic designers
  • Content creators
  • Software developers and engineers wishing to understand the marketing perspective

This workshop involves four key components:

  • Introduction and goal setting
  • Core concepts and execution frameworks
  • Activities and challenges
  • Recap and next steps

The framework encompasses the SECI knowledge model with a view to translating organised and integrated business approaches into internalised knowledge and practical application. Details of our training approach can be found on our workshop page on this link.

The workshop comprises a mix of digital design theory, case studies and practical activities designed to help delegates apply design thinking to current business challenges. Activities include:

  • Foundation planning including human resource and development frameworks
  • The hosting environment and cloud computing
  • Requirement planning including usability, accessibility and localisation
  • Site structure including architecture, card sorting, wireframes and content
  • User experience including briefing, evaluation, organisation and navigation
  • Search optimisation basics including schema, transparency, standards and best practices

Delegates will leave the workshop with a simple framework and a plan for action dedicated to meeting their current business needs.

Workshop Fees and Payment Options
Payment Direct invoicing with secure online credit card or PayPal payments
Includes Venue (only for public events), speaker fee and online access as appropriate
Courseware Bring all you need - a pen and paper or your own device
One Day Fee US$399 per person
Group Discounts 20% off for groups of 5 or more
Contact No. +65 9853 0051
Contact email nick@mutiny.asia
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