Data Driven Decision Making
Drive Effective Business Strategy with Data Driven Decision Making

From business development, to product design, manufacture, distribution and marketing, modern businesses are dominated by Big Data. It reveals our options, analyses our performance, informs our decisions and describes our achievements. In short, it underpins success.

Despite this, our ability to collect, aggregate and deliver Big Data back to our business is hampered by the expertise we can bring to bear.

This workshop provides an introductory framework and the first steps in a developing a transformational business strategy based on simple, accessible Big Data insights.

Why Attend

The course provides a fast track introduction to Data-driven Decision Making.

In this course delegates will receive an introduction to modern business models and science based decision making with approaches like Six Sigma, alongside Data Analytics and its role in business decisions. They will learn why data is important and how it has evolved.

They will be introduced to “Big Data” and how it is used. They will also be introduced to a framework for conducting Data Analysis and the tools and techniques in common usage.

Finally, they will have a chance to put their knowledge to work in a simulated business setting.

Build on Recognised Frameworks

The workshops are derived from the work of Bernard Marr. Bernard is one of the world's most highly respected thought leaders when it comes to data in business.

He regularly advises companies and government organisations on how to improve their performance and gain better insights from their data.

In this workshop we specifically looks at the ideas he proposes, and how we can bring them to bear in an Asian business environment.

Workshop Details
Course Length 1 day
Time 9am to 5pm
Dates Available on request
Class Size Maximum 20 persons
Further Information

This course is targeted at all levels of business executive, from new employees to senior executives. Benefits will be greatest for those with at least 2 years of professional experience and in middle or senior management roles.

Delegates are expected to be familiar with their business structure and the roles of different departments across their entire organisation.

This workshop involves four key components:

  • Introduction and goal setting
  • Core concepts and execution frameworks
  • Activities and challenges
  • Recap and next steps

The framework encompasses the SECI knowledge model with a view to translating organised and integrated business approaches into internalised knowledge and practical application. Details of our training approach can be found on our workshop page on this link.

This course looks at who is using big data, how they are currently using it, how it is applied to specific business areas and how they reap rewards.

We breakdown world class strategies to deliver a framework for every business:

  • The Business Canvas - How to leverage a concise model to identify how a business works, they key drivers of success, and the opportunities and threats within.
  • Six Sigma, SMART and the Scientific Method - The evolution of approaches to business like Six Sigma and SMART from the mid-sixties to the modern day, and the techniques we can now employ to maximize productivity and performance
  • Measuring Metrics and Data - A review of the types of data available, how it is structured, how it applies to the Big Data model, and how it can be used for strategic advantage.
  • Applied Analytics - How analytical approaches have developed over time and technology for text, speech, image and video
  • Reporting Results - A review of options for data visualization, infographics, how to identify KPIs and the creation of dashboards
  • Transforming Business - The use of data to understand customers, optimize business process, improve business security, drive performance and identify new opportunities
  • Big Data in Action Case Study - The application of data driven techniques to modern marketing. The case study covers research, ideation, content, platforms, distribution, analysis and optimisation

We also include Summary, Questions and Interactive Debate, the key learnings plus an invitation to feedback

Workshop Fees and Payment Options
Payment Direct invoicing with secure online credit card or PayPal payments
Includes Venue (only for public events), speaker fee and online access as appropriate
Courseware Bring all you need - a pen and paper or your own device
One Day Fee US$399 per person
Group Discounts 20% off for groups of 5 or more
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Contact email nick@mutiny.asia
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