Content Marketing Fast Track
Inspire Customer Engagement and Conversion with Dedicated Content

Rapid consumer uptake of digital media throws a spanner in the works of traditional marketing techniques that rely on building consumer awareness and engagement in TV, press or out-of-home to drive sales through traditional retail environments.

Not only do potential customers now rarely get the chance to learn first hand about your market positioning, but they also don't get the chance to express their needs, explore the solutions you propose, and be supported and directed throughout the purchase process.

For world class companies that can't meet the needs of the digital age, this represents an existential risk.

Great content meets this need!

Leveraging specialist knowledge and content marketing capability not only teaches great companies how to deliver the right information at the right time, but how to tailor that message to the right environment, and secure the customer confidence that builds long term relationships and revenue growth.

Why Attend

Effective content marketing flourishes in a framework that encourages creative teams to meet the specific needs of customers, at unique moments in the journey, when the right information takes them one step closer to purchase.

This workshop focuses on content marketing as a means to and end when meeting specific goals in terms of business growth. Delegates are taken through a simple step-by-step process that allows them to deliver the right solutions and account for their business success. Key deliverables include:

  • Establishing consumer insights through research and modelling
  • Identifying consumer needs and defining value propositions
  • Assessing and prioritising content formats and delivery channels
  • Defining content purpose and proposition
  • Writing for business
  • Creating timetables and production efficiency models
  • Working with third parties
  • Opportunities to distribute and drive engagement

As always with Mutiny Fast Track workshops, delegates leave with a framework plan and go-to-market plan dedicated to their particular business needs.

Build on Recognised Frameworks

Rapidly changing technology and consumer behaviour make Content Marketing one of the fastest growing disciplines in marketing. Mutiny build off the work of one of the best know brands in the industry: The Content Marketing Institute. They define Content Marketing as:

"The marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action."

It's a philosophy we buy into, and our frameworks combine the best of the CMI temperered with decades of hands-on experience of our consultants at the forefront of Content Marketing in Asia.

Workshop Details
Course Length 1 day
Time 9am to 5pm
Dates Available on request
Class Size Maximum 20 persons
Further Information

This workshops is critical for all levels of the business hierarchy concerned with the acquisition, retention and conversion of customers into long term revenue growth. Primary audiences include:

  • C-Suite Decision Makers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Writers, journalists and correspondents
  • Producers, Directors and Videographers
  • Social Media Practitioners
  • Platform Developers and Engineers

This workshop involves four key components:

  • Introduction and goal setting
  • Core concepts and execution frameworks
  • Activities and challenges
  • Recap and next steps

The framework encompasses the SECI knowledge model with a view to translating organised and integrated business approaches into internalised knowledge and practical application. Details of our training approach can be found on our workshop page on this link.

The Content Marketing Fast Track takes a systemic approach to creating a dedicated development framework. Key activities include:

  • Developing Personas using data collation, preference analysis, audience expectations, consumption and behaviour
  • Identifying the consumer context with need cases, competitive evaluation and value propositions
  • Leveraging multiple content formats including text, audio and visual
  • Illustrating the consumer journey
  • Defining content purpose, priorities and value generation
  • Core messages, scripting and content timetables
  • Content acquisition and working with third parties
  • Content amplification including atomisation, repurposing and syndication

Delegates will leave with a fully featured content marketing strategy dedicated to their business needs.

Workshop Fees and Payment Options
Payment Direct invoicing with secure online credit card or PayPal payments
Includes Venue (only for public events), speaker fee and online access as appropriate
Courseware Bring all you need - a pen and paper or your own device
One Day Fee US$399 per person
Group Discounts 20% off for groups of 5 or more
Contact No. +65 9853 0051
Contact email nick@mutiny.asia
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