Communications Strategy Fast Track
Drive Effective Return on Investment with a World Class Communications Strategy

The digital revolution has inspired the rapid disversification and fragmentation of marketing communications channels, dramatically increasing the pressure on hard-pushed marketing teams to deliver effective and efficient commercial strategies.

The Mutiny Communications Strategy Fast Track enables dedicated marketing practitioners to build new frameworks to capitalise on the digital era, and underpins business transformation and creative capability in the hunt for commercial success.

Combining a grass roots approach to the modern marketing environment with a structured, step-by-step framework to building new communications models, the Mutiny Communications Strategy Fast Track puts modern, digital organisations on a high speed path to growth.

Why Attend

Faced with the overwhelming challenge of combining traditional marketing channels with the digital era, the Communications Strategy Fast Track enables delegates to take a step back from the day to day chaos, and create a fresh path to marketing success. This systematic approach to planning provides a structured framework for everyday challenges:

  • A new perspective on marketing challenges with the move from push to pull communications strategies
  • An effective path to accountability through goal setting and tracking
  • A model for audience targeting and segmentation in a digital-first environment
  • Message development and creative solutions to traditional challenges
  • Budgeting and channel planning in a digital era
  • A new approach for content distribution in a social age

Delegates will emerge with a new set of capabilities in communications planning and a simple framework for implementation.

Build on Recognised Frameworks

The workshop builds on the work of recognised experts in communications planning, building on timeless truths about marketing strategy with new perspectives dedicated to the digital age.

Works include: “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” by Al Ries & Jack Trout, “The Startup Owner’s Manual” by Steve Blank & Bob Dorf, “The Essential Drucker” by Peter F. Drucker, “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek, “Words Can Change Your Brain” by Andrew Newberg & Mark R. Waldman, “Cracking the CODE” by Thom Hartmann, “Made to Stick” by Chip Heath & Dan Heath, “Story” by Robert McKee, “Brand Thinking” by Debbie Millman, “The Challenger Sale” by Matthew Dixon & Brent Adamson, “Ogilvy On Advertising” by David Ogilvy and “Subliminal: How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior” by Leonard Mlodinow

Workshop Details
Course Length 1 day
Time 9am to 5pm
Dates Available on request
Class Size Maximum 20 persons
Further Information

This workshop is a must for dedicated practitioners working with day to day communications planning. Whilst the workshop benefits all practitioners in this area, the workshop should prove particularly beneficial for those with at least three years practical experience in a planning environment:

  • Marketing Directors
  • Brand Strategists
  • Media and Communications Planners
  • Digital Marketers
  • Art Directors and Copywriters

This workshop involves four key components:

  • Introduction and goal setting
  • Core concepts and execution frameworks
  • Activities and challenges
  • Recap and next steps

The framework encompasses the SECI knowledge model with a view to translating organised and integrated business approaches into internalised knowledge and practical application. Details of our training approach can be found on our workshop page on this link.

The workshop takes a systematic approach to the planning process, supporting practitioners all the way from first principles to a finished plan:

  • The medium and the message - from push to pull in a multi directional world
  • Goal setting and tracking - modern terminology and efficient campaign measurement
  • Targeting and segmentation - the opportunities with modern technology, variables, parameters and response based attributes
  • Getting creative - message development and execution in a retail environment
  • Budgeting and the media mix - setting investment, managing assets and channel planning
  • Content distribution - how effective market analysis reveal new routes to consumers

All delegates will leave with a communications planning framework dedicated to their everyday business goals.

Workshop Fees and Payment Options
Payment Direct invoicing with secure online credit card or PayPal payments
Includes Venue (only for public events), speaker fee and online access as appropriate
Courseware Bring all you need - a pen and paper or your own device
One Day Fee US$399 per person
Group Discounts 20% off for groups of 5 or more
Contact No. +65 9853 0051
Contact email nick@mutiny.asia
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