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Inspiring Business Success Through Talent Development

It's a truism that the biggest challenge for any successful company is talent.

It is not the energy, the ambition, the creativity and the drive of our teams that is the challenge, they are universally amazing.

What marks out market leading organisations is the ability to respond to their needs, to give them the skills they need to grow, the insights to help them make great decisions and the framework that helps them develop a brilliant and rewarding career over a lifetime.

Great companies to do it better, more effectively, and without draining the resources of already hard pushed colleagues - ADEPT is here to help.

Capitalising on the ADEPT Framework

ADEPT is about creating a simple straightforward framework that everyone can use, regardless of the industry. Each initial stands for one key period in the team lifecycle:  Align, Develop, Enhance, Perform and Transform.

More importantly it is about creating the assets and platforms that mean that the teams can just get on and do it, without burning energy in endless presentations, meetings, appraisals and score charts – and by doing so, keeping the cost in terms of cash and labour as low as possible.


Mutiny ADEPT Framework



Working with internal assets and resources we develop programmes that allow teams to understand the overall corporate goals, the structure of the organisation, and the expectations we have of  colleagues.


Working with industry experts and trade bodies, we ensure that  teams not only understand the industry fundamentals of their own roles, but also the background of the roles performed by colleagues, and when to defer and delegate key activities.


Working with departmental heads and subject matter experts we develop best practice approaches and establish frameworks for teams to execute their day to day business using world class techniques.


Working in a workshop environment with internal talent from all levels of the organisation, we develop patterns of thought and approaches to problem solving that make the business unique, and achieve stand out from competitors.


Working with senior level executives and key customers in a workshop environment, we develop exceptional cross departmental and international understanding, constantly seeking out opportunities and structures for collaboration.

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