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Learn how launching his own production business meant Tom had to start with a clean sheet when developing client relationships.

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Meet Tom..

Launching his own content and production company meant rethinking the ways the agencies work with clients, and create a new model to deliver buy-in across the board for inventive original work.

In his own words...

"I'm a content director and ideation specialist with over twenty years of content creation including writing, filmmaking, puppetry, poetry and comedy. I worked as a content director and innovation director in Singapore for over three years before setting up 'The Antidote'​ a content creation, video production and training agency.

"I am a do-er and a very hands-on individual with a restless creative mind. When I'm not working I'm always making something, filming, writing or generally showing off.

"In my spare time I work on various projects including novels, poetry, photography and developing comedy TV shows using puppets and animation. My lifetime ambition is to create and market a disruptive and groundbreaking comedy product or show. I also intend to make at least one feature film and publish several books. I have tried my hand at many things, and I treat success and failure the same so long as I learn and grow from them. "

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With 25 years in the media and marketing industry, and almost 20 of those in digital marketing, Nick is one of the most experienced practitioners in the Asia marketing industry. He is Founder and CEO of Mutiny Consulting.

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