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Empower Talent with Simple 'Always-On' Key Skills Video Tutorials

Creating teams that deliver effectively and consistently for life means retaining and embedding core knowledge in a simple to access 'always-on' environment.

Video e-learning solutions are the key to success.

We build on both internal and external expertise to deliver a resource that not only covers industry best practice, but provides a permanent record of the capability that makes your company unique.

Leverage Effective World Class Learning Frameworks

Mutiny ENGAGE is a systematic approach to delivering high quality evergreen video e-learning content via a comprehensive and structured syllabus at accessible costs.

Mutiny use the ENGAGE framework across departments and divisions to establish the curriculum, write engaging scripts and produce effective video e-learning platforms that drive talent capability.

We leverage over 50 years of combined experience in the industry to work closely with stakeholders to generate effective scripts, supporting research and engaging illustrations, broadcast quality footage and professional output to meet the requirements of the most demanding working environments.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

Mutiny work closely with all stakeholders and subject matter experts to develop a curriculum and syllabus that cover off all your needs in a compact but effective educational framework designed expressly to meet your business objectives.

Detailed Research

We source accurate and robust existing research or commission new insights that support and illustrate the key points at each stage of the learning process.

World Class Scriptwriting

Our highly qualified writers build from your key points, research and illustrations to develop scripts that are both easy to deliver for presenters, and accessible, engaging and inspiring for your most important audiences.

Simple Presenter Aids

We utilise state of the art technologies in teleprompters, visual feedback and networking to support both professional presenters and your own subject matter experts to quickly deliver a top quality audience experience.

Broadcast Quality Cameras

Our broadcast quality cameras generate 4K high definition images at up to 120 frame per second across a high dynamic range that ensure your presenters are always seen in the best possible light.

Studio Quality Audio

Using market leading shotgun microphones positioned on a boom in close proximity to the speaker means we get the best possible audio experience devoid of the muffle and rustle of lavaliers and annoying studio echo.

High Definition Output

External camera recording devices offer incredibly high quality output at ProRes 4:2:2 that can be transferred directly into local post production at up to 4K resolution, or delivered to external post production houses for later editing.

Dedicated Motion Graphics

Mutiny can offer a full range of graphics solutions to support the interviewees. We offer everything from simple low cost transitional graphics to comprehensive animated output that gives your videos the extra wow factor..

Comprehensive Post Production and Delivery

Mutiny provide a world class post production facility that allows us to provide an all in one video solution that takes us from concept to platform ready output in a matter of minutes.

It means that video files can be transferred via the web directly to your desktop on a same day basis - all optimised for your own e-learning platforms, Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo and other popular destinations.

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