A Comprehensive E-Learning Platform with EMPOWER



Seamless and Simple World Class Delivery

Mutiny take the easy approach to building comprehensive, dedicated, engaging and inspiring e-learning platforms.

We work with a white-label solution that benefits from over a decade in design and execution that already leads the world in Learning Management System delivery.

The result is a platform that cost millions in design and production, delivered to our customers as branded solutions at a fraction of the cost.

A Multiplatform Connected Experience


Fully portable experience

  • Optimised for any sized interface
  • Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Responsive design
  • Start and resume from multiple devices
A Simple and Flexible User Interface


Rapid and Intuitive Engagement

  • Promotional billboards
  • Current course resumption
  • Subscribed courses
  • Catalogue
  • FAQs
  • News
  • Featured courses
  • SSO Logins from third party platforms
An Effective Easy to Use Tutorial Search Facility


Instant Access

  • Simple keyword search
  • Refined search options
  • Ratings
  • Referrals
An Immersive Experience


Full Screen Delivery

  • High definition video
  • Full articles
  • Image libraries
  • Quizzes
  • Examinations
Real World Integration


Multimedia Approach

  • Online content
  • Live workshops scheduling
  • Instructor communication
  • Discussions and commentary
  • Ratings
  • Recommendations
  • Social sharing
Fully Branded Solutions


Tailored interface

  • Branding / Colour Scheme
  • Layout and facilities
  • Multilingual interface
  • Unique experience by learner
  • Unique experience by URL
  • Differentiated by departments, employees and partners
Recognition of Learner Achievements


Multipurpose solutions

  • Badges and banners
  • League tables
  • Course transcripts
  • Certificates
Comprehensive Enrolment, Administration and Tracking


Cascading Security Access and Reporting

  • Individual and bulk enrolment
  • Learner Activity
  • Learner Competencies
  • Department Progress
  • Course Activity
  • Assessments
  • Evaluations
  • Certification
Supporting All Stakeholders
Inspiring Learners

The Mutiny user experience gives your learners the accessible and intuitive interface that will keep them coming back for more training, all wrapped in a professionally designed, custom branded style.

With the Mutiny LMS, you aren’t limited to a single user experience for all of your learners. Different learner groups can work in uniquely designed experiences. The interface that a learner sees can be determined by location, the group or department of the learner, and many more options. This means you can train your employees with one interface and have another experience for your customers.

It offers comprehensive access across multiple platforms from the mobile to the boardroom in a fully social learning environment.

Empowering Administrators

For administrators it delivers he data your organization needs to make decisions. Our Reports allow you to sift through your LMS data and offers up smart actions based on the learners you have selected.

Every report in Absorb is configurable to your preferences. Show or hide relevant columns, reorganize them into any order, include dozens of custom fields for data that’s relevant to your reporting. 

Simplicity and Value for Money
Short Launch Windows

A fully functional e-learning platform can be launched in as little as 6 weeks, ensuring that your learning platform is ready for use when you need it most.

Low Cost

Comprehensive solutions start from a few thousand dollars to set up, with low monthly hosting fees based on the number of users.

Integrated Content

All solutions take advantage of Mutiny's full range of content creation services to ensure minimum demands on limited resources deliver a world class solution without the headaches.

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